York Communities for Public Education is a coalition of parents, students, educators, education workers, and community allies who share an interest in maintaining the high standard of publicly-funded education in York Region. YCFPE was established in 2019 and has been active ever since.

We are facing down and calling out the Ontario government's severe cuts to education.  These cuts include an estimated $1 billion over four years, $100 million in funding for school repairs, the rollback of the sex education curriculum, and an end to the development of an Indigenous curriculum.

We believe that our public schools are a kind of superpower.  When our kids have access to high-quality education, they are happier and healthier.  When our educators have good working conditions, are properly compensated, and are treated with respect, they can do their best work and participate fully in their communities.  When parents send their kids to excellent public schools, they know that they are giving their children the best possible chance in life.

We welcome the support of any person or group in York Region interested in joining our fight to appropriately fund and invest in our public schools.  Please subscribe for inbox updates and check back here for upcoming actions and events!