Support Hodan Nalayeh Secondary School renaming

With 42% of the total votes on renaming Vaughan SS, Hodan Nalayeh was the first place recipient.
Hodan Nalayeh was a Somali-Canadian journalist who once resided in Vaughan, Ontario. She was killed in an attack on a hotel in Somalia of July 12th, 2019. Nalayeh made immeasurable contributions to the Canadian Somali community. She highlighted many positive stories in the community and became a voice for so many. Strengthened ties between Canada’s Somali community and Somalia.
Trustees made the renaming process very difficult, even though they were onboard with surveying the community’s voice on which name would be selected to represent the school. It’s very hurtful for the black community to have our voices restricted and to be accused of voter fraud and be told that the survey contains illegitimate data. If we can’t trust the YRDSB to help combat against anti-racism, then who can the black community count on.
York Communities for Public Education is calling on YRDSB Board Trustees to rename Vaughan Secondary School to Hodan Nalayeh Secondary School. Student and community voice matters and it must be listened to.
Please share this letter and help us keep our board accountable.
We will not be silenced, we will have our voice heard.