Politically Speaking with Dave Szollosy

A late fall episode of Politically Speaking: Insights and Issues with Dave Szollosy featured two members of the York Communities for Public Education, Angel Xing and Shameela Hoosen-Shakeel. Both Angel and Shameela spoke on the effects of education cuts and why its hurting kids. Angel, who is a grade 12 student, spoke from her own experience and that of other high school students. Shameela, who is a psychometrist, explained why these cuts are counter-productive to the needs of our children. An additional plus and a must see is Angel's thought-provoking poem " If you cut us do we not bleed?" that she performed during the interview.

We have heard from Dave that they have received lots of positive feedback on the episode, particularly about Angel's wonderful spoken word piece. Please watch and share the video!

Click the image below to view the video: